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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday, September 17th 2006

Where do all the weeks go? However, this weekend was very busy and I also had a good time! Friday night was Poetry and Pizza with the gang. I'm really starting to look forward to this night. Brought back many memories from high school and college days. I remember trying to analyze poetry and found it rather boring back then. But now it is really enjoyable and relaxing. Maybe it's because I'm a lot older and appreciate the meaning of them more. Who knows. I just know I had a good time. The pizza and fellowship was great too. These cats are characters and so quick witted and amusing. Most of them had me in stitches most of the evening with the crazy things they say and do! The only problem is that mom and I are not night owls. Oh sometimes we are -- but usually we are in bed by midnight at the latest. These guys can go on til the wee hours of the morning sometimes.

Well last night was really a lot of fun. The Social Club, run by Truman, had a Mad Gab party. (I think I'm turning into a party animal). I've never been to one and had no idea what Mad Gab game was all about. I learned very quickly. It was a riot! It's the game where someone gives you a couple of words that can sound like another word or phrase. I was pretty good at first when they were giving us the short easy ones -- but there are a lot of tough ones that went straight over my head! Some of these kitties, like Simba, can not only gab with other people, but also quickly get the right answer to the puzzle. All I can say is they have to be a lot younger than myself. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it -- don't you think? We had again, lots of pizza and I brought some apple pie and streudal for dessert. Again, it was a blast and I had a great time. These kitties are so friendly and know how to party. It's hard not to have a good time when you are with them.

So today is Sunday. The beginning of another week. Of course today is football day in our home. Mom's watching Cleveland get beat (so far) by Cincinnati. Guys are dropping like flies with injuries but I'd run like hell if one of those big guys came running after me. Who in their right mind enjoys being tackled by men that big! I love football but I'll never understand why these guys go back for more physical abuse.And then again, why do we love to watch the game. Not an easy question to answer now is it?

Well, I think I'll go take a short cat nap. Maybe mom will join me. She's been working hard this weekend. She deserves one.

I'll be back to tell you about the Birthday party for Marina that is being held for her today! I'm sure that will be a blast too!

Stay Cool.............Toulouse


At 10:36 PM, Blogger PhDilettante said...

Heya, Uncle Toulouse!
The CT says you gotta keep up this cool blog...if you're not too busy partying. Writing is good for your health - so says the CT.



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