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Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 16, 2006

Good morning Saturday. Where did the week go? My life is pretty routine. I wake mom up to feed me and make her sit beside me while I eat. She really enjoys doing that; so I don't mind expecting her to do that for me. I also make her sit with me when I drink my water -- but not all the time. I even make her get down on the floor and play with me since I don't have any siblings to play with. In otherwords, I guess I expect a lot from her. We really do love each other a lot especially since we just have each other. I hate it when she leaves me to go shopping or goes to take Grandma shopping. But she loves it when she comes home to see me waiting anxiously at the door for her return. We make quite a pair.

Today mom said I could go to my friend's birthday party. This is going to be the biggest birthday party of the year I think. I'm a pretty laid back kitty; so I enjoy going to parties but I usually don't get involved with all the games and contests. I guess I'm getting too old for that and I'm also very shy. But it's a lot of fun to watch the others join in. That's a real blast.

We also have to find time for College football. Now mom and I just live to watch college and pro games. Mom's favorite college teams are Miami, Florida and Florida State; and for the NFL --- Steelers all the way baby! Mom naturally doesn't know that much about football. Just enough to enjoy the game. But I love the fact that mom likes it because then she stays home with me! Mom would take me with her -- but I don't like my carrier. I scream and cry so loud the neighbors can hear me. Naturally I think she's taking me to the vet who always gives me shots! Who wouldn't associate the carrier if that always happened. Well a few months ago this huge box arrived and lo and behold she bought me a stroller. Yea a cat stroller! What will that woman think of next. She thought I needed to get some fresh air and she needed the exercise. Great way to kill two birds with one stone. And, if I didn't like to go for a walk -- then I could sit outside on the porch with her since I am strictly an indoor kitty. I must admit, I tolerate the stroller a lot better than the carrier. I haven't gone so far as to relax and take a nap -- but maybe some day I might. It is a riot to see the people's reaction when they realize that mom is pushing a cat in a stroller and not a baby! I bet she's the talk of the town. What I don't do to make mom happy and she thinks she is doing this for me. Humpf..... the life of a cat. Can it get any better? I sure hope so.

Well, I guess it is almost time to turn football on. So what do you do on Saturdays? Can't be as exciting as mine.

Well, I will pick up on this thought later. I must scoot for now!

Stay cool......Toulouse


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